Intellectual Property Disclaimer

(The Following is a disclaimer written in response to a request by 21'st Century Fox's Intellectual Property Division)

The Avatar Centre is in no way affiliated with 21'st Century Fox or the film "Avatar" by James Cameron. The Avatar Centre is a private entity, and a project of the legal Peruvian non-profit organization entitled "Eywa Institute for Conservation, Education & The Awakening Of Humanity." Neither Eywa Institute nor The Avatar Centre are affiated in any way shape or form by 21'st Century Fox and their affiliates. The term "Avatar" for which we named our centre roots back to 18'th century sanscrit, meaning "the earthly incarnation of a deity, god or divine being." Eywa, is an Arabic word and name, which can be spelled "Eywa," "Aiwa," or "Eiwa" among other spellings, meaning "guardian" or "protector." While one could draw connections to Fox's popular film, I repeat...we are not in any way associated, supported by or connected to 21'st Century FOX or James Cameron's film Avatar.