Saorinet / Ayahuasca Yoga


Innovative & Integrative

A Transformational Practice

Super-Charging The Core

Shifting Consciousness

Awakening The Soul

A Powerful Co-Creation Joining Human & Divine                                                                                


Saorinet, also known as Ayahuasca Yoga is a unique style of yoga taught directly to Pamela Lyness(Avatar Centre co-founder) by the Spirit of Ayahuasca, over the course of the last 6 years in intensive relationship with the medicine. This new style of yoga helps all practitioners of this art to integrate the multi-dimensionality of existence into our daily lives, bringing together the energies from the spiritual & celestial realms and grounding them into the earth, with our bodies as the vehicle for this manifestation. This style of yoga integrates sacred geometries, animal forms, techniques of the breath, visualizations & movement, and can be practiced with or without the assistance of Ayahuasca or other plant medicines.

The Sacred Geometric forms which have been transmitted by the spirit of the plant Ayahuasca, present to us an important lesson, as to how these sacred forms exist as part of our physical and etheric bodies, as innate parts of the universe.  As "yoga" is an ancient word dating back to 5'th century BC, meaning "union," and the nature of utilizing sacred geometric forms as esoteric tools for shifting consciousness(from duality to unity), these potent practices combined, create together a mystical fusion, teaching us how we may live, amidst the dimension of total oneness. 

As we become more aware of our own multidimensionality as beings,  this form of yoga, has been offered as a gift to humanity, to help serve in the ever so important integration, of all aspects in the totality of our beings. Perhaps the most valuable benefit of this practice as a whole, lies in the ability to expand ones own spiritual awareness, which through the practice itself, awakens the practitioner to embrace a new and powerful technique for conducting energetic clearings,  as well as for performing activation and creation rituals, through the mindful movements and poses themselves. All of this drawing energy down from the etheric body, bring ones awareness into that of the physical body, sitting firm in the 3'rd dimmension.

The entirety of the practice currently contains 21 complete poses. By forming and aligning various geometric forms with different parts of the body, and focusing ones awareness on that of the energetic body(which aligns in itself with the physical pose), this practice presents to all practitioners the ability to unlock and open the energetic field around oneself, sensitizing each practitioner to be able to feel, sense, and even see by way of the third eye, the energetic dimmensions that these poses both allow us to tap into, and even manifest from a creation standpoint.

By meditating in these poses, we receive the benefits of clearing away energetic residue, bringing us to only the highest of understandings of who we are at our essence. Meditating in these poses also presents a valuable technique for amplifying ones own energetic field, resulting in an increasingly powerful shield of protective energy, with the capability to revitalize, heal and maintain total wellness. Other rewards of this practice, are the heightening of ones own intuition, the restoration of ones own emotional balance, and as well a deeply seated trust in the qualities of unconditional love and wholehearted serenity.

These poses can be referred to as vibrational symbols, which when practiced with perfect form, serve to assist the practitioner through the creation of right relationship with self. Another important factor in the effective purpose of this discipline, especially when committed to over a long period of time, is the ever expanding depth of understanding that is sure to emerge, especially around the energetic body (including chakra system). Through this heightened state of awareness,  one's soul story and purpose can become illuminated, opening a portal for knowledge to be channeled into this existence, openly offering guidance and teachings to the practitioner, about the esoteric function of  sacred geometries in the multiverse. From this place, one can work with these forms as tools to hone their vibration, to one which is in beautiful harmony with the totality of all life.

 Each pose flows into the next, offering teachings of inner healing, of all of the platonic solids, including the tree of life, the merkaba, and each of the poses in sequence, serves to reflect a greater story...a story of a journey of self discovery. 
The 6th dimension is where sacred geometry comes into existence. In this dimmension, time, space and directions change. The feeling of oneness and the power of thought and intention becomes amplified. This is also the dimension of non linear progression, where time travel and teletransportation can be experienced. Ayahuasca has the ability to open a channel for us to access this dimension, which is where these poses and the symbols therein had become illuminated, with the purpose of helping humanity to connect with our highest potential.