Community Model

Ayni is a Quechua word meaning “reciprocity.” The Q’ero, a group of Incan descended mystics still utilizes the concept of Ayni in their daily communal life. Ayni for them, works on the basis of first giving before taking or receiving, and in this way, everyone’s needs get met, and all work necessary to the well being of the community gets accomplished. Another important aspect of this way of living is the act of honouring, and living in harmony with all of existence. This means respecting natural balance, and not making choices that may compromise this sacred balance.
It is our intention to fuse the essence of Ayni into our way of living at The Avatar Centre, by maintaining humility, helping each other, and honoring the abundance of the earth.

2016/Stage 1 of Community Development

Initial years: We are opening up the land around The Avatar Centre for people that have a desire and calling to live in community in the Peruvian Amazon.
At this time, we wish to bring in 6 people, couples or families to live for periods of time on the land and to co-create along with us.
We would like to bring in people at this time who currently have experience as: teachers, practitioners in the holistic health arena, martial artists, creative spiritual artists, permaculturists, sustainable builders, ecologists, biologists, musicians, astrologists, yogis, dancers, community/relationship builders, heart communicators, conscious film makers, indigenous ceremony leaders, energy workers, shamans, curanderos, etc…


2018-2020/Stage 2 of Community Development

We open up the land around the Avatar Centre for people who have joined us for healing, learning, volunteering, co-creating, and other kindred spirits who wish to live in community in the Peruvian Amazon.

Structure and investment of community

As this community, healing & nature education centre is based in the Peruvian Amazon, there is an emphasis on communal ayahuasca ceremonies & other more personalized medicine work. As there are many intentional communities coming forth in the world at this time, we chose this place for its medicines, which we know can help to assist us in the nurturance and co-creation of harmonious relationships. To live in authenticity with ourselves, each other, and the natural world, requires consistent and conscious engagement, especially as it is society which has programmed us on how to relate.
From the realization of our own purpose in this world, we give to each other our unique skills. This aids us in laying a strong foundation, for others to come in to right relationship with themselves, and the rest of the beings on this planet.
There is a saying that: “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking which created them.”
We know that thought forms in our environments, affect both our conscious and subconscious actions, and in order to create a new, we need to take time away from these outside influences to fully renew.
By being back in the natural world where the old structures do not exist, we can take the time to connect with nature and each other, and embark on our own collective process to create a new model & dimension of co-existence.
We ask that people who commit to this community come for a minimum stay of 2 months at a time. Small trips to town and occasional travel is to be expected, but very important to opening new doors, is the process of letting go of old thought and behavior patterns, giving time back to yourself and the community, as we allow a more collectively empowering flow to emerge.
Housing/Time Share Model:
We have developed a timeshare model for Stage 1 of the community, as the transition to living in an off-grid community takes time and resources to develop.
This model includes a person or couple with kid(s) to come from 2-6 months per year. There is a fee required for building, use of communal structures, and land use(which goes to general land maintenance), with the amount depending on the size needed, and if the expected annual stay is more than 6 months. We have already developed a strong template for the structures, with tried and trued than 6 months. We have already developed a strong template for the structures, with tried and trued
knowledge from our experience living and building in the amazon. We are also very open to other sustainable building concepts, and are willing to explore them with you. Please email us about costs specific to your needs. To make it available for people of all incomes, the basic costs start at $2500 US. This includes 2-6months of annual use of a fully furnished structure, with a composting outhouse, out of sight of neighbors.
There is a solar powered community lodge on the grounds, and will be open to be used by people staying on the land. Included is use of a kitchen, oven, running cold water, small fridge, rainwater showers, and area for washing and drying clothes/linens.
There will be land fees per year that cover costs of the shared space, security and maintenance, an option of trades to cover this cost will be available.
As we have done much working of the land already in the past 3 years, please visit our description of the Avatar Centre for more information(place link here).
What you can do here:
Teach at retreats
Practice alongside other teachers at retreats
Help us develop a longer course plan for future
Share & trade skills/services with other community members
Engage in solo plant diets
Attend ayahuasca ceremonies
Build environmentally friendly structures
Work in gardens
Create art
Prepare food
Play music
Swim in laguna
Practice your own craft
For personal income generation:
-Bring a group to the land and pay a percentage for use of buildings/land/helpers. -Planting,
cultivating, preparation or aiding in sales/exchange of fruit and herbal medicines grown on the land.
-Teaching or giving of your skills at retreats when it fits into what we are offering and with adequate
-Co-creation of a Ceremonial Festival.
-Crowdfund campaigns to create a fund for student financial aid.
We are open to other ideas and avenues in which to explore.
Suggested Community local engagement projects and aid:
-Empowering local farmers by purchasing plants/herbs locally for resale, and -educating them on
sustainable planting/harvesting practices.
-Purchasing local artisan crafts
-Hiring locals for river & jungle tours
-Investing in sewing machine and ecofriendly material for re-usable bag start-up for -resale at local
market to replace plastic bags.
-Educate locals in sustainable resources and why to use re-usable bags instead of plastic.
-Offering free english classes to Peruvian helpers and other local villagers.
-Growing plastic eating mushrooms for gifting and to put on local garbage dump.