What Is Huachuma?

What is Huachuma? Huachuma is the indigenous name for the San Pedro Cactus, an ancient & sacred medicine native to the Andes mountains. The Huachuma cactus, while known as a master teacher plant medicine from pre-Incan times, still holds great power and significance in our modern world. While lesser known to the world than teacher plant medicines like Ayahuasca or magic mushrooms, Huachuma is perhaps one of the most under-acknowledged master plant medicines in respect to the true power and healing abilities it holds for all of humanity.

Many spiritual seekers & shamanic healers alike, view Huachuma as the greatest of all plant teachers in the South American continent. Incredible for opening the heart, softening resistances, lifting the spirits & illuminating patterns of deep ancestral programming, the huachuma cleans the body, mind and spirit in a different way from Ayahuasca. While a person can purge and have physical releases on huachuma, it is not nearly as common, and is not thought specifically to be a purgative plant. For this reason, some people who may not be physically fit to drink Ayahuasca at this time, due to serious health conditions, or being on certain medications, which may be in conflict with the MAOI's(mono-amine oxidase inhibitors) in Ayahuasca, can still get great benefit from being able to participate in sacred ceremony with Huachuma. It's visionary qualities, which help us to connect with the essence of spirit and the nature of reality, are widely due to the plant's mescaline content, which allow us to access different parts of our brain and awareness, perhaps previously inaccessible in daily life, or blocked off due to psychological & emotional traumas. 

Curanderos through the Andes & Amazonia have used the Huachuma Cactus for thousands of years, as a tool for expanding one's consciousness and perception, to allow for more targeted diagnosis of the source of their patients issues. When the patient drinks Huachuma as well, in the context of a sacred ceremony, the patient is also able to gain new levels of awareness of their internal & external landscapes, enabling a person to be empowered and take an active role in their healing process. The huachuma helps to loosen up a person's energy, to be able to release and transform long term patternings, though not always simple, with added ease and in a more timely manner than traditional psycho-therapies. For this reason, huachuma has been used as a powerful and effective treatment for trauma resolution, drug & alcohol addiction, depression, and a huge variety of psychological predicaments.