Directions & Travel Advice


The Avatar Centre is located on the outskirts of Tamshiyacu, a small town of 5,000 people on the banks of the Amazon River, just 1 hour from Iquitos Peru.



Most International and domestic flights, from outside of the country and within(unless already in the Amazonas region), fly to Iquitos via the countries capital of Lima Peru. There are about a half dozen airlines which run flights on a daily basis from Lima to Iquitos, and often have layovers in the northern jungle cities of Pucallpa or Tarapoto. The most expensive and accommodating airline is LAN, and the lowest cost, but least accommodating is Avianca. We recommend the middle ground airlines for most people, which offer reasonably costing flights with quality and reliable service. The Airlines we recommend for most people are StarPeru & Peruvian Airlines.



(To reach Tamshiyacu from Iquitos, the only way to travel is by boat, as there are no roads connecting them)

From the airport, one can hop on any 3-wheeled motorcycle taxi that seems good to you, known as motokars, which will be waiting to pick up passengers just outside in the airport parking lot. You can ask the driver to take you to Puerto Lau, and be sure to ask them their price. No matter what they say, offer them between 10-15soles(15 if they deliver good service), and 20 soles is standard if you choose a car instead of a motokar. "Puerto Lau" is the port that offers speedboat and longboat journeys from Iquitos to Tamshiyacu. This journey from the airport to puerto lau, should not cost you more than 10-15 soles. The port is down a steep flight of stairs, which take you down to the water, so if you are not physically able to carry your bags down yourself, we recommend offering any one of the young men around there 3-5soles for carrying your bags for you down to the boat. Never pay them until they have your bags safely at the boat side, and always keep your valuables on your person, just in case.

Rapido Transport( 1 hr speedboat): 20 soles/passenger

Express Rapido(1 hr private chartered speedboat for group): 200+soles total

Pongero(2 hr longboat): 10 soles



Once down at the boat dock, ask one of the boat operators for the "rapido a Tamshiyacu." Often there are speedboats filling with passengers. The thing about these boats though, is that while they are the fastest way to Tamshiyacu once they are in transit(arriving in less than 1 hr), they do not operate on a schedule, and only typically leave the port once they are completely full with approximately 20 passengers. If you have a group of people with you, there are sometimes small speedboats which can be chartered in a moments notice. If your Spanish is good enough, you can ask around for an express boat, otherwise you will have to surrender to the flow, enjoy the scenery and wait for the boat to fill up. At the same port, there is also another option, and that is the boats they call the pongeros. These are like public buses, but on the water. While the pongero takes twice as long to reach the final destination of Tamshiyacu(approximately 2 hrs), these boats offer more space to spread out, a more relaxed and sometimes even social environment, and they leave on a clear schedule from Puerto Lau. So depending on when you show up, you can always ask at the dock about the ponguero...if the rapido takes too long to fill, and the pongero is ready to take off, feel free to jump to the boat which seems like the best option for the moment.


Once the boat arrives at the port in Tamshiyacu, you should find yourself another motokar, and ask them to take you "por la carreterra kilometro dos." You can also confirm the location as "la casa de Pamela y Brown." Most motokar drivers in town know Pamela & Brown's house, and refer to the centre as this. If one driver does not know this location, just ask another. You are bound to find someone who knows very quickly. When you arrive to a long wooden fence along the right side of the road, you have arrived. Come on through the gate and when approaching the garden and first house on the property, be sure to give a holler and make yourself known. 


We request that all guests contact us first to book a retreat, a ceremony, or to schedule a drop-in visit. Living in the jungle, we love to have guests drop in, but as we have a closed door policy while retreats are in progress to protect the privacy of our retreat guests, and often like to schedule quiet time in between retreats to do our own dieting and medicine work, we can not guarantee that we will be able to make time for you, should you just drop in spontaneously. We appreciate your thoughtfulness, and encourage you to contact us if you'd like to visit our centre. Many Blessings.