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History Of The Avatar Centre
The synchronistic co-creation of the organic entity that has become as The Avatar Centre is a very personal and on-going journey and process, one which can not be described in purely logistical terms or confined into the framework of a traditional business model or vision statement. Here is the intimate story of a collective of visionaries, healers and earth workers coming together, and birthing a beautiful and ever-evolving co-creation into manifestation! 
As we can't possibly list all of the events of many lifetimes of lessons and synchronistic experiences leading us up to this moment, we will begin the story back in 2012. 
In 2012, after some deep work dieting teacher plants in the Amazon with a shaman from Tamshiyacu Peru, 60 yr old Ron Lyness, who had been on retreat with his wife and daughter, went for a walk on the shamans land. On that walk Ron received a powerful message of connection to the land beneath his feet, and an inspiration began to spark in him a dream of building a home in an off-grid location, surrounded by nature. Later that day, going purely on his own inspiration, and the residual energies of Ayahuasca, without even speaking to his family, Ron went off and made a deal to buy the neighboring land from the shaman. In 2013 Ron Lyness, with the inspiration of his daughter Pamela, who wished to pursue the deepening of her relationship with the plant medicines, made a trip back to Peru with his daughter. Their goal at that time was to work on a co-creation on the land, one which could ripple out into the creation of a paradise on earth, providing food and medicine, a haven for eventual retreat, a sanctuary for birds and animals, and which could be an assistance to the surrounding community through co-creation, education and collaboration. During the time when the first plans were being laid onto the land, Pamela, while visiting a conference on Amazonian Shamanism in Iquitos Peru, made a beautiful connection with a man who called himself "Brown," a name which had been given to him by friends nearly 20 yrs earlier. 
In an ayahuasca ceremony with maestra Adela Navas, their connection was sealed, and their destiny displayed like a flash before their eyes. During this profound and transformational ceremony, they each received visions of the love they had for each other, and the profound soul connection they have had through lifetimes. In that ceremony, Brown received a vision of Pamela standing in front of him, with a boy by her side, and he just knew..."that child is my son." For years, both Pamela and Brown had felt the presence of a spirit following them through life, and they each had an awareness that this spirit would oneday be born as their son. 
Over the course of the next few months, Brown returned to the U.S. to shed most of his material belongings and move back to the Amazon to pursue a life with Pamela and see what could come of their co-creations on the land and with the guidance of the medicine. Moving to the Amazon had been a dream of his since his first visit to the Amazon and encounter with ayahuasca back in 2001, so making this leap was something that felt very natural for him, and a move he had been thinking about for many years. During his time away, a 5,000 square foot off-grid house was built from the ground up on the land in Tamshiyacu. Upon Brown's return the journey progressed as both Pamela and Brown continued to pursue their development in the realms of plant spirit shamanism, working intensively with ayahuasca and an array of other medicinal power-plants. While much of their learning was done alone and in partnership, in communion with the spirits of the jungle, they also pursued work alongside curanderos like Don Luis Panduro Vasquez, Maestra Adela Navas, and other local shamans & plant medicine specialists of the region. While in the nights they worked with the medicines, during the day Brown spent hours planting the start of The Avatar Centre's food and medicine forest gardens, with the desire of utilizing the principles of permaculture to develop a sustainable food & medicine system on the land. During this time Brown often considered the beautiful legacy he would one day be leaving his soon to be conceived son, by focussing so much energy on creating a sustainable system that could offer such valuable resources for generations to come.
By 2014, Pamela and Brown having in their possession a house big enough for guests, decided to begin inviting kindred spirits who they encoutnered in Iquitos and on their travels, to stay with them to do ceremonial work. The first incarnation of the center was called, "The Avatar Medicine House." At the Medicine House, the goal was to attract those who already had extensive experience with ayahuasca, and who wanted to deepen their work together by sharing insights, tools and experiences to help grow and develop in their awarenesses and healing abilities, through working on each other. Through these early guest interactions, a larger vision was being born. This vision involved not just working with the medicine to heal and hone one's gifts as a healer, but also eventually starting an integrational healing center  to help guide people with traumas through a process to overcome them and restore their power of positive manifestation in the world. Even further than that, out of a desire to not create just another run of the mill ayahuasca center, and to offer healing at a reasonable rate, Pamela, Brown and their new soul connections, began discussions on new-earth economic and community based systems, and how the presence of an intentional community, could actually fuel the center's long term growth and sustainability, while providing a co-supportive system for their family,  the families of those working at the center, and a real template for conscious co-creation.
Knowing that to develop real community may take years to manifest, Pamela and Brown focused on what was right in front of them, and pursued their work dieting the plants, and gaining local knowledge of the medicines and shamanic traditions of the Amazon. Having both had backgrounds in shamanic practice, the healing arts, astral travel, and working with sacred visionary plant medicines, integrating this new knowledge on the indigenous traditions of the Amazon, quickly had a place in the integrated fusions of their work. 
By June of 2014, Pamela and Brown received the news that Pamela was pregnant, and that the spirit they had both seen in ceremonies, and felt following for years, was ready to begin his journey to the Earth. During the first 6 months of pregnancy, Pamela and Brown continued their work in the Amazon, hosting guests and working at local ayahuasca centers, but primarily focusing on their personal journeys of learning with the medicines, planting food and medicine gardens, and honing their abilities as healers, integrating an array of modalities both learned from the plants and fellow healers and channeled from the astral realms.
 In March of 2015 their son Xander Bear was born, creating a shift in focus, as they learned to navigate the new very physical world terrain as parents. After taking much of 2015 off from their life and work in the jungle to focus on their growing family, Pamela, Brown and Xander returned to the jungle with renewed inspiration, ready to begin furthering in their work and creations. At that time they built a second house for ceremonial use, created a refreshing pool dug into the source of a natural water spring, and built a more comfortably sized hut for brewing ayahuasca. 
At the start of 2016, stories of the power, quality, and surprisingly sweet taste of the medicine being brewed at the center began to spread, attracting medicine sales to healers and healing centers around Iquitos and the southern sacred valley region of Peru. Many centers who weren't brewing their own medicine, began to realize that they weren't exactly sure who was cooking the medicine, whether they were brewing it in a sacred manner, or what the intentions were going into the brew. This realization for many, began their search for a source of their medicine that felt vibrationally in alignment with their missions of purification, healing & elevation of consciousness. This was work that Brown has always taken very seriously, and holds very sacred, spending hours praying over the medicine as it is brewing, gaining guidance about the people meant to drink it, and the issues they will be looking to heal. One thing that concerned Brown from the start of this venture though, was the sustainability of the harvesting of ayahuasca in the Amazon, with the growth of centers around the world, providing this medicine to the people in need. As a result, Brown vowed and has since kept his vow to plant 20 new vines for every 1 cut to make medicine. In some cases this meant planting vines on other people's land as well, and teaching them the values of sustainable harvesting practices, which were surely practiced by their not so distant ancestors, and the importance of this as a gift to one's family and future generations.
By 2016, the center was becoming an authentic place for healing, working both together as a couple and with local curanderos, as guests started coming by word of mouth from the U.S., Canada, Australia, Germany, Russia, and as well from the Peruvian locale to receive guidance on their life paths and healing from psychological traumas as well as physical conditions. Pamela and Brown throughout the years of working with indigenous curanderos began to have a good handle on what true healers were living in the surrounding communities, and their specific gifts and talents, as well as which local shamans were more like practicing charlatans than healers, and whom it is best to veer people away from. It takes years to find the best healers and see that they are truly walking their talk, and the ones who are, have within them, tremendous power, mystery & magic, which is often found reflected in the number of alliances they have made in the spiritual realms through many years of practice and discipline dieting the plants not always, but often in total isolation. In the world of Ayahuasca and shamanism, one must be careful with who they work with, making sure that the person is not just of pure intent, but also that their daily lifestyle is reflective of this sacred discipline and path. Like a shaman who drinks alcohol right before they conduct a sacred ceremony is probably one to veer away from, or for women, one who has a reputation of being a womanizer, should probably be avoided as well. Just the same, a curandero who spends much of your first conversation talking bad about other people, would be best to stay away from. Unfortunately while there are many true traditional curanderos, there seems to be even more who seem to thrive on the prestige of the title, while providing few real healings, and even causing harm to those who choose to work with them. This is why Pamela and Brown feel it to be so valuable their commitment to the area and their continued investigation of local healers and their practices, in search of those who hold integrity and have a reputation of healings, which precedes them. 
These days there are many people from around the world studying these traditions of curanderismo and plant spirit shamanism, combining other awarenesses and healing modalities with the traditional practices of the tribal healers of the Amazon. In the opinion of the founders, many of these healers are just as fit as many of those who originate from the Amazonian Region, and in some cases may be more fit to treat the people of this modern global society of especially psychologically sourced traumas. The people of the indigenous communities, living long histories very closely connected to each other, often have little concept of the isolation and tremendous anxiety many people feel in the world. While they may be very fit for helping someone with cancer, or dealing with grief, if any therapeutic counsel is required to comfort a person beyond esoteric treatments, many just don't know where to begin, which is why for many foreigners to the Amazon, a bi or tri-lingual facilitator, shaman or healer can be absolutely integral for the integration of their process. This of course is not necessarily the case for a person with shamanic abilities who comes to the amazon for learning. The reason is, that most with these abilities realize that it is one's personal experience and perception which is the primary teacher of this kind of work. Someone can tell you how something works, but for a shaman, they must experience it before it is real, so words are just words, and in the shamanic world, all healing/journeying practices should be personalized to align with each person's gifts and tones of perception.
In late 2016, Pamela ventured to a very mystical town in the sacred valley of Peru, in search of the development of a greater international community, to network with and gain ideas for new concepts and practices that could be applied to their work at the Avatar Centre. The trip proved very fruitful in connecting with an international community of new world medicine men and women, practicing medicine work around the world. 
Heading back to the jungle once again at the start of 2017, Pamela and Brown, now with more word out in the world, organically obtained respect in their respective and collective practices, and a newly launched website to help spread the word about their work and empowered vision for the earth, they hit the ground running, with new building projects, and a whole list of retreats for 2017, from retreats focusing on deep healing with the plant medicines to courses teaching a variety of healing art practices.
Over the years we have attracted people looking to heal from addictions, post-traumatic stress, trust issues, anxiety, depression, headaches, physical traumas caused by abuse and illnesses, fertility issues, loss of senses, neurological challenges, as well as those seeking the expansion of consciousness to help find and illuminate both their path and purpose. In this realm, of expansion of consciousness, our center has seemed to become a magnet for healers...both those who have already developed their gifts, who want to learn a new way to bring greater value into their work, and also those who have healing abilities, but which have yet to be fully discovered or refined. Integrated in all of our retreats are workshops on awakening the healer within, and the practices which help to develop and restore trust in each persons intuitive gifts. 
The long term goal of The Avatar Centre is something of a lifelong journey, and is expressed quite clearly in the center's vision statement. This is not a pop-up or fly by night kind of can expect to see many decades worth of future developments, collaborations with the indigenous of the Amazon & healers around the world. The center's future offerings and infrstructure will be dependent on the collaborative inspiration, participation and co-creation of a global community of starseeds, light-workers, healers, shamans and visionaries. This center is as much about you as it is about the founders who first planted the seeds of manifestation here on the land.