14-Day/Night Ayahuasca Retreat:

6 Aya Ceremonies & Personalized Plant Dieta: $2,100USD

Retreat Extensions

Our Retreat Extensions are available for those attending our 14-Day Ayahuasca & Plant Medicine Retreats, who would like to extend their time at Avatar Centre to go deeper into their process, & do a longer Plant Dieta for receiving additional healing &/or continued learning. As many of these extensions may be based on diagnosis & recommendations made by our healers, the specifics in regards to time, number of ceremonies associated, nature of the recommended food diet, and other specific treatments, will determine exact pricing, but for the sake of some understanding, we have posted our average rate for retreat extensions, which with this pricing, would include 2-3 Aya Ceremonies per week, in addition to food, lodging, & a plant dieta chosen specifically to suit the personal needs of each guest. For those dieting solo during this time, without ceremonies, the price will be lessened.

Average Cost of Retreat Extension: $840USD/Week

30-90 Day Traditional Personalized Plant Dietas:

As Our Plant Dietas are designed based on the personal needs of each guest, & the nature of the healing program which is suggested by our healers, the exact price may vary. In example, if someone is needing an assistant to apply treatments each day or several times a day, to heal from serious conditions, a very reasonable additional charge may apply, to assure that we can offer the support needed in these situations. These charges will always be discussed before the fact, to make sure that all is clear & harmonious in our communication. Just the same, if someone is coming to us to learn the medicine themselves as a apprenticeship program, and are seeking daily question/answer sessions, to learn tools & practices from our healers, icaros, etc…please see more specifically prices for our apprenticeship programs, which are perfect for shamanic students learning the medicine

Average Price Per Month For Traditional Plant Dietas: $3,800 USD/month

Making Reservations

To make a reservation for a retreat that is listed on our event calendar, please fill out the contact form below or one attached to the specific event you wish to attend. A questionnaire will be emailed to you soon afterwards, so we can get to know you better. As working with Ayahuasca and other plant medicines is not the right treatment for everyone, it is necessary for us to understand your current state of health and mind, before we may know if this medicine can be safely offered to you at our centre. Once we have reviewed the information you provide, we will then promptly reach out to inform you as to whether or not you are eligible for the chosen retreat.  If we are able to serve your needs, and we are in most cases, we will then notify you to make a 50% deposit to confirm your reservation for the retreat. All deposits can be made via Paypal, bank transfer or western union. 

For Group Reservations:

We don't offer set retreat dates for groups as we are happy to work with you to build a custom retreat to suit your schedule and the needs of your group. You can browse through the section of "What is Included," to give you options to include for your group. We offer retreats where the group you bring is the only ones at the retreat when there is a minimum of 8 participants in addition to the organizer. Our typical minimum length of stay for a group retreat is 14 days/nights, departing on the morning of the 15'th day. If you'd like to organize a group retreat, please write to us to ask for more information about our referral program, and how to get your personal retreat tuition discounted or entirely free by booking your group with us at The Avatar Centre. If you do use the form below, please put Group booking in the Subject header, if you are in fact wanting to book for a custom group retreat. Thank you!



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