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7-Day Huachuma Intensive

  • Avatar Centre km 2 Carreterra Tamshiyacu Peru (map)

7-Day Huachuma Intensive for Men & Women

From Sept 30 - Oct 7'th, we will be holding a 7-day Huachuma Intensive, for those looking to go deeper into their healing journey, and to receive the powerful benefits of illumination & heart opening provided by the Huachuma/San Pedro medicine experience. As a part of this intensive, we will be holding the Huachuma(San Pedro) Ceremonies on Oct 1, 3'rd & 5'th, which allows one day to land, get your bearings, & meet our healers here at the center on the 31'st, and as well one day in between ceremonies, to allow for rest & integration, before departing the center on the morning of Oct 7'th. For those interested, we will also be following this 1 week Huachuma Intensive with a 2 week Ayahuasca & plant medicine Intensive, which will begin on Oct 8'th at The Avatar Centre. 

Huachumera: Pamela Lyness is leading the huachuma journeys during this 3 ceremony intensive. Pamela has a deep connection with huachuma, has both dieted the plant in isolation & has been exploring the profound benefits of this master plant since 2013, as a treatment for a variety of psychological, emotional and spiritual issues. Through her work with this medicine, some of her greatest gifts have been even further enhanced and heightened. Many huachumeros from native traditions, who also have a strong connection, offer the plant to their patients, and let the plant do all the work, Pamela's path is to work very intensively with each person attending her ceremonies. She offers in ceremony channelings, personalized one-on-one healing sessions, for helping to address deep personal issues highlighted by the medicine, and ushers the participants through a variety of rituals and exercises to help each person take an active role in their healing process. The experience in ceremony with Pamela is something truly unique, and the way she works with huachuma, is unlike anything else we have seen. She is setting a new type of standard for healing with this master plant medicine, and all who have worked with her in this environment, can see that she is an incredibly gifted healer.


Day 1(Sept 30): 1pm Arrival, Meet Healers & Other Participants, Sharing Circle

Day 2: 8-hour Huachuma Ceremony 

Day 3: Relax, Integration Circle & Plant Baths

Day 4: 8+hour Huachuma Ceremony 

Day 5: Relax, Integration Circle & Plant Baths

Day 6: 8+hour Huachuma Ceremony

Day 7: Relax, Eat, Integration Circle & Plant Baths

Day 8(Oct 7) Breakfast & Return To Iquitos

Total Cost: $875