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14-Day Women's Ayahuasca & Plant Medicine Retreat

  • Eywa Institute kil 2.8 Tamshiyacu Peru (map)


Come & Retreat amidst the sacred & experience the mystical healing energies of the Amazon Rainforest & it's powerfully healing medicine traditions with 3 Masterful Female Healers(together with over 100 years of experience in holistic & shamanic healing techniques), combining ancient Amazonian healing practices with sound psychological understandings, and Spiritual traditions from around the world.

Throughout history, women have come together in circles for sharing their collective wisdom, for deep healing in a safe place surrounded by the sacred bond of sisterhood, and for serious spiritual work and exploration.

This retreat presents a sacred container for the divine feminine in all women to be openly explored, supported, & celebrated with great love & compassion, in an intimate environment with a maximum of 8 female participants.

Our Offerings:

  • 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies with 80 year old Master Curandera Adela Navas

  • (69yrs experience)

  • 2 Huachuma(San Pedro) Cactus Ceremonies with Shamanic Healer/Huachumera Pamela Lyness

  • Plant Purges (for releasing toxins & purifying energies)

  • Vaginal Washes for Sacred Womb Cleansing

  • Therapeutic Plant Baths

  • Therapeutic Vapor Baths for Purification

  • 1-on-1 Channeling Session w/ Pamela Lyness

  • Ritual Offerings To The Ancestors & Land Spirits

  • Water Blessing Ceremony

  • Integrational Sharing Circles & One-on-one Counseling with female integration specialists

  • Discussions on Holistic Parenting

  • 1 Guided Jungle Excursion

  • Fresh Water Spring Swimming

  • Delicious Fresh Foods Served Daily (Vegan & Pescaterian Food Choices Offered)

  • Comfortable Private Lodging

, Total Cost for 14 Days/Nights (includes 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies): $2,100

Additional Offerings: (for those who wish to extend their retreat by several days to several months.)

-Bone Setting Treatments with Master Bone Setter Maria Luisa

-Ayahuasca Ceremonies

-12 hr Huachuma/San Pedro Cactus Ceremony

-Huachuma Vision Quests (5 Huachuma/ San Pedro Cactus Ceremonies in 8 days)

 28 Day (& beyond) Plant Dietas: working with plants specifically designed for your energy & what you need. For more info on plant dietas... Click Here: