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New Moon Ayahuasca Ceremony

New Moon Ayahuasca Ceremony In The Sacred Valley

The Avatar Centre will be hosting a series of Ayahuasca Ceremonies in the sacred valley of Peru, not far from the beautiful mountain town of Pisac. The ceremonies will be led by Healer, Ayahuascero, & plant medicine specialist, William Koroskenyi. William, also known to his community as "Brown," has been intensively studying & practicing with the Amazonian Plant Medicines for the last 5 years at his home in the upper amazon of Peru. There he has learned through an organic process of dieting the plants for continued strength, spritual guidance, healing, and deep learning about the art of healing, in addition to consistently seeking the guidance of the indigenous elders who have been practicing this medicine work for generations. His background of 20 years of personal shamanic practice has aided him greatly in this work, as his relationship with the spirit realm and the alliances developed therein, aid him greatly in being able to hear the voices of the plants, and facilitate real healing for the participants of his ceremonies.

Working with an extensive esoteric toolbelt of healing techniques from the use of icaros both learned and personally channeled(channeled spirit songs used for healing, guidance & protection),to tools of energetic clearing, as well as the in ceremony use of plant remedies, including a magical flower essence made from 27 healing plants, the targeted use of the smoke of jungle tobacco called mapacho, and the master plant medicine Ayahuasca, Brown's goal is not just to offer an experience which can open the mind & heart, but also mend & elevate the spirit and purify the body, helping each person to move forward with more vitality, strength, clarity and direction. 

In these ceremonies you can expect to receive pre-ceremony direction on proper diet for preparing the body to best receive the medicine. A person can take these recommendations in the strict sense or as general guidelines. In addition Brown offers adequate time for guests to share their intentions, and any issues they would like to address in a group setting before each ceremony, so that he may be of best service to each participant. During the ceremony, Brown conjures the spiritual forces to ask for the healing of all the participants, in addition to offering personalized in ceremony healing sessions. After ceremony, or the following morning to those staying for breakfast, Brown takes the time to share with many of the participants any visions and insights he gathered in ceremony, which may be able to be of assistance to the individuals moving forward. As often the messages from the medicine can be challenging to understand or integrate, especially for those new to the medicine, Brown also makes himself available to the participants for post ceremony integration support in a group setting, and if needed, is available for the booking of personal integration sessions, and private healing sessions the following week, or ongoing via video conference for those in need. 

While the dates posted here are pre-set ceremony dates, Brown is also available for private ceremonies, couples ceremonies, and small group ceremonies on other dates, but these are on a person to person basis, and prices will be set according to individual needs and program specifications. Additional plant medicines may be offered or recommended for physical/energetic preparation or ongoing healing support.

For those with specific health issues, Brown is also offering guidance on in home plant diets. He has brought with him to the valley an array of healing plant medicines for assisting the community. He also offers Amazonian plant diets when he is in the jungle @ The Avatar Centre, with the assistance of Shipibo Curandera Celia Panduro Huayta, which can be scheduled with him for a future date. 

For those new to the medicine, we recommend committing to at least 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies, as working with ayahuasca is a process, and a relationship which develops over time, and Ayahuasca prefers that people make that commitment to themselves, and not view the experience like they would taking a drug. The depth of what a person will get from one ceremony is unknown going into it, but the depth a person can receive from a series of ceremonies tends to be much greater, and even moreso the depth one can acheive with the added assistance of plant baths, & a purifying plant dieta is even greater. "Like any relationship...the medicine only rarely shares all her secrets on the first date, and to expect that she do so is disrespecful to the wisdom and power of this medicine, and her generosity in sharing that wisdom with so many." You will not regret making that commitment to your own path and development, especially as the integration of the work of this medicine has the ability to transform lives and illuminate ones spiritual path beyond comprehension when taken seriously.

The cost of these ceremonies is 250 soles/person
250soles covers the cost of the medicine and Brown's services, in addition to the rental of the temple
Transportation to the temple via taxi from Pisac is not included(aprox 10soles/person)
Participants are invited to spend the night in the temple at no additional charge, as ceremony can often go late into the night, or rent a comfy room at the center for an additional 35 soles. 

If interested in attending any of our ceremonies, please be sure to disclose any medications you may have ingested in the last 60 days. Those taking pharmaceutical medications will be denied the opportunity to drink Ayahuasca, as there can be a variety of contraindications between pharma drugs and natural medicines like ayahuasca.

Here's a bit about what people are saying about Brown & the sacred healing nature and integrity of our ceremonies.

"Brown and Pamela have built an amazing and powerful healing center in Avatar. I spent 3 1/2 weeks there in October 2017. My experience was transformative. Brown has cultivated deep connections with master and healing plants of the Amazon through many years of dedicated practice. His connection with Mother Ayahuasca and icaros is powerful and his ceremonies sacred, strong and safe. Brown guided me through some strong dieta experiences expertly. I now have plant allies always with me. Pamela’s healing through vibrational repatterining and Ayahuasca yoga gave me insights and healing as well. The two of them together is beyond comparison to any other center I have experienced. Words cannot fully describe my profound gratitude and respect."

"In all my experience with this medicine I have been seeking to clear out stored trauma in my sacral chakra and wanting so badly to purge these traumas on this medicine to no avail. After being called up to the mat for a healing with Brown, within twenty minutes I began to purge my stored traumas, well into the next day; and am still glowing from my experience over a week later. During his ceremonies he is without a doubt channeling the shipibo ancestors and taking energy healing to the next level." Katelyn

"Brown's knowledge & expertise with the plants is astonishing to say the least. His Icaros are incredibly powerful, beatiful to listen to, and healing on a deep level. With the help of Ayahuasca as a guide, he is able to pin point which areas of your life would benefit from adjustment, and then offer a plant or plants which most resonate with the condition, and therefore, which plants and preparations could help remedy the patients situation. I have found Brown to be a very humble guy with a massive loving heart. He was always so caring with his offerings of one-on-one sessions & support in assitance of my integration, which was a big part of me getting the most out of my experience." Jack

"Brown is a humble guy, amidst a beautiful love affair with the plants. How he keeps his garden and how he sources from it the inspiration for his healing remedies is a testament to the depth and beauty of that meaningful love affair." Hayley

"During the hardest times in the ceremony, Brown seemed to be tuned in to my experience, knowing just what songs to sing to ease my mind, soothe my heart, and awaken my soul, bringing me strength to keep moving forward." Marlene

"Offering a gentle, caring and nurturing approach to working with his clients, his work is easy to develop trust in, and can gently pry open your heart where it once was blocked, drawing with it a resurgence of love and gratitude for life. Brown is a young practitioner, with the wisdom and spirit of an elder." -Marjorie

"Nearly two years ago, my husband Matt and I had decided we wanted to welcome a child into our lives together, but several traumas seemed to be compounded, blocking the flow of energy to my uterus, so after ceremony, I went up to the mat for a healing. As I lay there on the mat with my eyes closed, I could hear Brown singing and chanting and moving over me with feathers. As he was working, I could feel rushes of very intense energy moving through me, emerging out of my uterus and being channeled out through my crown. Once he finished, I remember feeling a sense of hollowness in my hips that I hadn’t felt in a long time, with my awareness able to travel through in a way that it had not anytime I could think of in years. It was just after this that I had a vision of myself pregnant and accompanying this vision I heard a voice say that his name would be Logan. About a week and a half later, with a few symptoms to encourage me, I took a pregnancy test and both my, and Brown’s vision were confirmed. Today, my son Logan is 10 months old!" 

"Brown did a lot of work on me. I had been to several different healers, but I was very impressed with Brown's natural healing abilities. He was able to identify health issues, energetic blockages, begin the opening and healing of my heart center, as well as relay the information in a way that was easy to understand and accept. I realized how dedicated he was to his craft, not just by dieting, or working with the medicine, but that he had a relationship with the jungle and all its beings, spirits, and plants. I couldn't have picked a better place to be or person to be with throughout my 2 week journey with the medicine." -Will

"Not only is his medicine probably the best but the integration and the information on how it works on a personal level, I found very effective, and his generosity in sharing the inner workings of the process, seemed to flow out freely without limit. I look forward to many more ceremonies with this true curandero. I felt so at home in the temple with him, more so than in any other circles I had attended with dozens of other native and non-native ayahuasceros throughout south america." -Martin

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