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14 Day Ayahuasca Plant Medicine Retreat

  • Eywa Institute km 2.8 Tamshiyacu Peru (map)


Come & Retreat amidst the sacred & experience the mystical healing energies of the Amazon Rainforest & it's powerfully healing medicine traditions with an Indigenous Master Healer.

Our Offerings:

  • Ayahuasca Ceremonies with Indigenous Master Healer
  • Therapeutic Plant, Smoke, & Vapor Baths
  • Nasal Cleansings 
  • Plant or Kambo Purges
  • Channeling Session w/ Pamela Lyness
  • Ritual Offerings To The Ancestors & Land Spirits
  • Integrational Sharing Circles & One-on-one Counseling
  • Guided Jungle excursions
  • Fresh Water Swimming
  • Delicious Fresh Foods Served Daily
  • Comfortable Lodging

During the dates of October 7-21, The Avatar Centre is open to receive guests signing up for 14 days/nights. Over the course of this 14 days we will be holding ceremony every other night, & starting on the 8'th and ending on the 18'th to allow time for integration before departure. Check-In is 10am on Oct 7'th. Checkout is 10am on the 21'st.

  • Total Cost for 14 Days/Nights (includes 6 Ayahuasca Ceremonies): $1,700

Additional Offerings: (for those who wish to extend their retreat by several days to several weeks or months.)

-12 hr Huachuma/San Pedro Cactus Ceremony: includes Pure/Potent Huachuma Medicine, Drum, Dance, Intuitive Guidance & Soul Channelings

3+Day Integrative Support Program: Includes intuitive counseling, emotional/psychological support, instructions on the teachings of Ayahuasca Yoga, & more...the exact offerings for integration support will depend on the specific needs of each client at the time of stay.

 -Plant Dietas: working with plants specifically designed for your energy & what you need. There are plant dietas more focused on healing, and plant dietas for learning or undergoing shamanic initiations. The dietas we offer will typically be more based on diagnosis rather than personal desire, unless someone has extensive personal experience themselves already with plant dieta. For more info on plant dietas... Click Here:

Earlier Event: September 30
7-Day Huachuma Intensive