Work Exchange Residency Program

We want to create at this centre a way to give to all of humanity and allow the divine to work through us daily so that everyone who receives can give to whatever and whomever they choose. There is not many options for subsidized alternative healthcare and education in the western world. We feel this needs to be given to as well. Happiness can not be measured by financial wealth nor education. By not having that as a reference point, we can see that many other cultures are better off in their way of life. The western world has gone to most places in the world spreading the idea of capitalism in many forms and then disguised it in many ways. The other extreme, often creates a martyrdom approach that is not sustainable. The philosophy of reciprocity is what gives us hope in co-creating a model with others so that all may benefit. Helping others give with their inherent gifts is a very important value. One that we feel has been very undervalued in earth cultures, which has lead to the lack of joy, acknowledgement and inclusivity in our lives as a whole. This premise is where we intend to start, when creating a form of exchange with everyone who comes here.
Treating all forms of education as valuable, and not putting one above the other according to someone else’s values. This is a place to start shedding some programming from the old earth culture. The value system of every individual and living being changes from day to day based on their awareness and needs. The peruvian culture has a teaching of this that allows for bartering and gifting, although still operates on a financial model, just much less the deeper you go into the jungle. May our exchanges be with reciprocity, equanimity, and balance, and be guided by the divine for all lessons to be understood in this dynamic, and gratitude for all to be felt.
For any exchanges, we ask for people to participate and pay for an intensive retreat at the start, so that you will be able to receive before you give. As things often come to the surface within a retreat that change a previous thought of arrangement, this is a very flexible model for everyone to have the freedom to fully express who they are and their needs without attachment. 
We ask that people who committ to an exchange come for a minimum stay of 1 month,  since climatization to the area and being able to express your gifts takes time.
Opportunities for periodic plant dietas and ayahuasca ceremonies can be integrated into the work exchange program based on personal needs/desires, and the amount of exchange/productive work offered on an ongoing basis. These arrangements will be made on a person to person basis, and may or may not require additional financial payment, based on relationship, the quantity of exchange accrued, the availability or cost of medicines, and the needs of the centre at the time of your residency.
For more information about our work exchange residency program, please write to us at, or by clicking our "contact us" tab. When writing, please include a bit about yourself, when you would like to come for retreat, why you think working at The Avatar Centre would be an inspiring opportunity for you, and what unique skills you would be excited to contribute and put into action to help the centre. We value and appreciate your interest in our work exchange residency program, and look forward to many beautiful co-creations with all of our future collaborators and volunteers!