Avatar Centre: Pre-Retreat "Get To Know You" Questionaire

This Questionaire is as much for you as it is for us, as it is intended to both help you with your pre-retreat reflections & deepening in the understanding of your intentions, as well as offer us a more clear idea of where you are in your life, so we can understand more deeply how we may be able to support you in your journey, before you even arrive. While this form is not required for your attendance, we greatly appreciate those who invest the time, as it is a display of your own commitment to personal growth, truth and transparency in your soul's journey. Once you have submitted this form to us, we will also send back to you a copy, to reference for your own reflection both before and after your retreat. It's always great to be able to observe and monitor your growth in this process of transformation.

(all information shared within this form will be held confidential, and will not be sold or shared outside of our small group of healers)

Name *
Please include month & year of retreat you are booked to attend, and also the time period you are booked for (7, 10, 12, or 14 days)
Physical Health
Are you a conscious eater or more of an impulsive one? Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc...
Do You Have A Regular Routine Of Physical Fitness?
Do You Have Any Physical Conditions You Would Like To Heal?
Substance Use
Do You Currently Smoke Marijuana?
Do you currently struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction?
Or have you at some time in your life?
Have You Done Any Street/Party Drugs At Some Point In Your Lifetime?
Have You Ever Experimented With Any Psychedelic Drugs Or Psychedelic Plant Medicines
Are you a chronic or social smoker of tobacco?
Mental Health
Have You Ever Experienced A Major Life Trauma?
(tragic death of a close relation, near death experience, life threatening illness, serious addiction, physical/emotional/sexual abuse, military service in wartime, imprisonment, childhood abandonment, etc...)
Do You Have A Tendency Towards Depression?
Have You Ever In Your Life Had Suicidal Tendencies?
Do You Often Find Yourself Experiencing Extreme Anger Or Frustration?
Have You Ever Experienced What One Might Call A Psychotic Break?
Have You Ever Been Diagnosed With A Mental Imbalance Or Disorder?
or do you feel you may have some kind of undiagnosed mental issues, that cause disruption in your life?
Emotional Health
briefly explain
Would You Say That You Feel Especially Comfortable In Your Skin?
Do You Feel Emotionally Strong?
Are You Currently Married, Single, Divorced?
If Married Or In A Relationship, Do You Feel Your Partner Is Your Soul Mate, Or A Karmic Relationship?
Do You Feel You Have A Close Circle Of Friends Whom You Trust?
Do You Feel Understood By Those Close To You?
Do You Feel That You Have A Close Connection To Nature?
Do You Have A Current Practice Of Prayer?
Have You Ever Experienced A Spiritual Awakening?
Have You Ever Had An Out Of Body Experience?
Do You Often Remember Your Dreams?
Have You Ever Had A Psychic Experience?
Do You Feel That You Have A Strong Relationship To Your Intuition?
Do You Often Feel You Are Putting On An Act?
Do You Often Feel Like What You Think & What You Say Are In Alignment?
Do You Often Feel Like Your General Actions Express The Gifts You Have To Give?
Are You Currently Happy With Your Line Of Work?
Do You Feel Like You Know Your Life's Purpose?
Please include here any pressing questions you may have, so we can get them answered.