Why Avatar Centre?

Intimate, Personalized Retreats

The Avatar Centre offers Intimate Retreats of up to just 8 participants.  Our healer to guest ratio is 1 master healer for every 3 retreat guests. This assures that each guest receives the care & attention they deserve. Multiple Plant Dieta offerings in a personally configured schedule ensure you can achieve the healing you need.

Private counseling and personal healing work with each retreat participant is a top priority of our Shamans/Curanderos...

Live Deep in the Jungle

The Avatar Centre is on 5 hectares of Amazon terrain, contoured by a beautiful jungle stream.  Our retreat accommodations offer many of the luxuries of home, while still maintaining the minimalism required to thoroughly support your process of moving inward while here on retreat.

Our gardens provide wonderful insight into the many medicinal aspects of the plants that grow all around us. Our curanderos are more than happy to share this ancient knowledge, as well as giving you a chance to participate in learning permaculture techniques and plant medicine preparations, which can add value and new skills to your life.

We offer a pleasant respite from the jungle humidity with a natural spring-fed pool for cooling off on a hot day.  Encircling the pool, we have a beautiful deck surrounded by flowers & jungle vegetation, perfect for relaxing and taking in the beauties of nature.

What an eye opening, life changing experience! Pamela & Brown encourage nothing but your highest good, and enable you to get there, through the incredible power, illumination and insight of the Ayahuasca experience, and all along guided by their wisdom. Miraculous!
— Jeff E., Ayahuasca 7-day Retreat 2015 & 2017

Personable, Caring Healers

Our team of experienced healers take time with each of the participants to explain each aspect of the healing process, so that each participant may understand how they can take the most effective role in their own healing. Through the plant medicine ceremonies, all participants are provided with the ultimate opportunity to clear, connect and awaken, preparing them for activation, inspiration and the pursuit of beautiful co-creations in the world.  

At The Avatar Centre, we also pride ourselves in the offering of personal counseling after the retreat, for those who request it,  to assist with the challenges of integration upon returning home. As part of our integration support program, we can also offer references for a network of healers around the world, who we can personally vouch for, who offer counseling, distance energy healing, psychic guidance, and even ceremony work to support you on the continuance of your life journey.


Eat Local, Love Global

All of the food served at the Avatar Centre is bought and harvested fresh from the local farmers market and gardens surrounding the center. We serve all healthy, cleansing, organic foods, in dieta conducive meal plans. Most of what we serve is vegetarian/vegan, but also offer optional fish dishes once per day for those with this preference.

All of the plant medicines used at the center are collected locally and prepared on site with love, healing intention, and reverence for the sacred doorway to the astral realms that these medicines present.

Much of our retreat centre staff are locally employed from surrounding villages, allowing us to feed back into the community and families we have become a part of.