Our Mission Statement:

Our focus is to support people in the fostering of sustainability, through harmonious relationships with each other and the natural world, as we navigate the transition into a new model of earth communities.

Our Vision Statement:

“To facilitate the next level of awakening on our planet, through assisting others in the process of revealing, discovering, and manifesting their highest potentials. We wish to provide a safe haven for healing, a sanctuary for communion, an outdoor classroom for education, a house for sharing, and a launch pad for integrating the spirits own wisdom in our lives and the world.  Our own inner shamans and mother Ayahuasca have wisdom for us all, as we breathe through the walls of our psyche and move into the future as one. This planet calls for healing, and so do we, on all the levels of our beings. If we can heal ourselves, we can help heal the planet, with all the teacher plants as our allies. So we call together, all the avatars of the world...all of the conscious spirits manifested here on earth...all of those ready to heal from the wounds that ail them... all of the healers seeking to hone their crafts... and all of those ready to implement a new way. We call you all to join us in one of the most energetically potent places on the planet, the Amazon...to bask in ceremonial communion as we work together to lay the foundation for a new earth.”


      "It is our vision to create a paradise on earth where all beings are welcome."

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