Facilities & Accommodations

The Avatar Centre offers comfortable private suites in beautiful bug and critter proof lodges, overlooking the many gardens on the property. All of our guests have access to our communal lounge & dining area for socialization and creation, an open space for yoga & meditation, our communal library, as well as solar power and indoor bathrooms and showers. It is the ideal place for someone seeking comfort in the jungle, to delve deeper into personal learning, healing and integration of the wisdom of one's soul and of nature.

The lagoon right in front of the main lodge, is full of a variety of fish and has several large aguaje palm trees towering out from the water, which attract a daily array of exotic birds and monkeys, to both nest amidst the palms and also feed on their fruits. The house’s first story balcony is the perfect place to relax in one of our comfy hammocks, and observe the avian visitors throughout the day.


The Centre Grounds

Located just 1 hour up the Amazon River from Iquitos, and 3 km into the jungle from the port  & cute little village of Tamshiyacu, The Avatar Centre is on 5 hectares of Amazon terrain, contoured by a beautiful jungle stream.  Winding through the property, the stream creates private lagoons, which are perfect to relax besides, taking in some alone time to just bask in nature or lather up with the mineral rich clay around the banks.

 We also have several walking trails, herb gardens and fruit orchards open to explore. An array of precious flora and fauna can be observed from all ends of the grounds in both day and night. Those with an adventurous spirit are encouraged to take our night tour into the forest, to see the natural Amazonian wilderness unfold around in full.

I was wonderfully surprised by the accommodations provided at The Avatar Centre. I always felt safe there, comfortable, and whenever I needed something, I felt as if my needs were both addressed quickly and cared for with compassion, supporting me to feel comfortable enough to go deeply into my process of healing and self exploration.
— Maria H. 12-Day Ayahuasca & Plant Medicine Intensive 2016