What To Pack

  • Shorts & short sleeved shirts- several of each

  • Long sleeved shirt and pants- a couple of each is sufficient

  • Raincoat w/ hood or poncho

  • Bathing Suit(our spring-fed pool is clothing optional)

  • Sun Hat

  • Sandles-with traction soles and backstraps for rustic terrain

  • Rubber boots- these can be bought locally if your size is under size 10 in Mens

  • Natural Bug Repellent-(DEET containing bug repellents not allowed in ceremony)

  • Flashlight or headlamp w/ extra batteries(headlamp with red light option is ideal)

  • Camera w/ adequate memory

  • Journal & Pen

  • Art Supplies(For Painting, Stitching, Beading, Drawing, Carving, Etc…)

  • Inspiring Spiritual Oriented Books(heavily intellectual or fictitious books not recommended)

  • Natural Soap & Shampoo

  • Natural Toothpaste,Toothbrush & Floss

Book Donations

If you choose, bring a book donation for the Avatar Centre's Community Library, especially one that you have found to be strongly impactful to you on your own personal life path. Good books are hard to come by out here, so we are very grateful to receive these donations, on behalf of our future guests. 

Crystal Donations

Crystals can create a powerful field for healing, expansion of consciousness and protection. We have a goal of gathering enough crystals to completely surround our ceremonial maloka with, a goal that may take years to manifest, but with the help of our guests and clients, I'm sure we can gather enough in a fraction of the time. We do not ask for these crystals for any kind of selfish gain...every additional crystal will help to strengthen the high vibrational field around The Avatar Centre, having positive impact on many people's lives. The power of stones and crystals in ceremony can be tremendous.

Extra Cash in Peruvian Soles: 

$100+ for purchasing local artisan crafts, additional treatments & medicines(like a session with the bone-setter(120 Soles/$37), and additional river & jungle tours(75Soles/$23, 4 people minimum needed to receive this rate), which can be arranged on the last days of your trip, or after if you choose to stay in the area for longer. The exchange rate for changing dollars in Tamshiyacu is not top price, so we encourage you to exchange plenty in Iquitos before arriving. There are lots of highly talented artisans in Tamshiyacu, making everything from clothing to tribal embroideries, dream catchers, jewelry, ayahuasca inspired sculptures & paintings, wooden pipes, hand- made fans, bowls, hammocks and more. If the interest is there, we will host a market at the end of the retreats to give you the opportunity to buy gifts and articles to remember your time here in the Amazon.