Self Inquiry Questions

If you need a hand with the self inquiry process, you can use this as a guide:

*The below questions will help you gain more clarity around what kinds of intentions you may have for your time at the centre, and will begin the process of loosening up any patterns or resistances that may need to be shed.*

  1. Begin some practices of self inquiry, as to what areas of your life, you may be seeking improvement, guidance, and cleansing. We encourage you to write these things down.
  2.  We also encourage you to take a look at any possible areas of addiction in your life...places where you may be covering up a deeper issue or challenge with food, substances, quick reactions or destructive behavioral patterns. write them down
  3.  Inquire into your places of most vulnerability...your fears & resistances. write them down
  4.  Inquire into the state of your relationships, and write down what you find to be most challenging, as well as what you find to be most rewarding, and if anything could change, what kind of changes would you wish for.