Exact Inclusions in regards to amount of time, number of ceremonies, & plant diet details will depend on the specific length of your retreat. Below is a general list of what most of our retreats typically include.


  • Comfortable, Private or Shared Room, with Garden View, Personal Mosquito Nets, Adequate Shelving & Walls Decorated with Beautiful Indigenous Art
  • Communal Spaces for Yoga, Meditation, Learning, Co-creating, Sharing & Relaxing
  • Solar Power for 24 hr Lights & Daytime Access to Outlets for Charging Electronic Devices
  • Modern Tiled Bathrooms with Spacious Showers


  • 3 Freshly Prepared, Dieta Friendly Meals Per Day (no dinner on ceremony nights)
  • Freshly Squeezed Superfruit Juices & Handpicked Cultivated & Wild Harvested Teas
  • Clean Purified Drinking Water


  • Sacred Shamanic Medicine Ceremonies with our Experienced and Reputable Curanderos/Ayahuasceros using our own brews of Ayahuasca, & Huachuma
  • Daytime Mushroom Journeys(upon special request)
  • Specific plant based remedies administered based on individual need, and as recommended by one of our shamans/healers


  • Kambo/Sapo Frog Medicine Treatments
  • Purifying Plant Purges (for detoxification, killing of parasites & releasing of harmful negative energies)
  • Other Specific Plant Based Remedies may be administered based on individual need, under the advision of one of our healers. 
  • 7-9 Day Introductory Plant Diets included as part of any 12-14 Day Ayahuasca & Plant Medicine Intensive. 


  • One-On-One Guidance and Counseling to Help You Navigate Your Personal Healing Journey
  • Facilitated Group Sharing & Integration Circles


  • Ayahuasca Yoga
  • Guided Amazon Trek
  • Ritual Flower Baths
  • Guided Meditation
  • Shamanic Drum Journey
  • Smudging Ceremonies
  • Swimming in Our Natural Spring


(These additional activities can be either added at the end of a retreat on our calendar, or integrated into the package of a group retreat that you are organizing or collaborating on)

  • Guided Trip To Monkey Island
  • Guided Trip To Pilpintuwasi also known as The Butterfly Farm
  • Guided Trip to the Native Villages of the Bora & Yagua Tribes
  • Guided Night Trek Into The Old Growth Forest (For True Adventurers Only)


  • Airport pickup
  • All taxis & boat transport up the Amazon River