Holistic Plant Medicine Retreats

with an Emphasis on Personal/Spiritual expansion, Psycho-Emotional Healing, Sustainable Off-Grid Living & amazonian conservation  

Our intensive plant medicine retreats are designed as an introduction to the deeply healing & transformative potential of working in union with the plant and spirit realms, as a holistic treatment for physical, emotional, and spiritual cleansing.

Our programs are based on the foundations of esoteric energy healing principles and Amazonian Curanderismo.


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Explore the nature of reality and your connection to it.  Experience integrated, holistic healing, from caring practitioners deep in the Amazon.


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Find out more about our healers, our story, and how we aim to improve our world through conscious living and conservation.


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Questions about our plant medicine retreats?  Interested in the process of acquiring ancient plant wisdom, and discovering new sides of yourself?  We're here to help!


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There is so much to learn about our world and the way it functions.  Read on for more information about natural plant medicines, holistic therapies, and our approach to  health & personal transformation.