What is a Plant Medicine Retreat?

Our spiritual plant healing retreats are an opportunity to take a step back from one's daily life, to sensitize oneself to their current state, in order to identify the origins of suffering, release tension and negativity from the mental and emotional bodies, illuminating one's path, and restoring spiritual vision, heightening intuition, bringing a life of health, creativity and purposeful contribution to the forefront. We offer 7-Day, 10-Day, 12-Day & 14-Day Plant Medicine Retreats, for 2 weeks each month.

Celia Panduro Huayta -  Shipibo Curandera & Perfumera

Celia Panduro Huayta - Shipibo Curandera & Perfumera

                               Physical Cleansing

Today's world is full of toxic components, which without consistent disciplines of purification, become stored in the body, and when compounded, often lead to heightened states of biological toxicity, which can become the cause of inflammation, weakened immune systems, energy blockages, heightened states of anxiety, depression, sickness and imbalances which can dramatically effect the quality of one's life. With this knowledge, what a gift it is that Mother Nature has provided us, with a plethora of plant medicines, and healers who have disciplined themselves to learn the language of the plants themselves, so that we may receive the blessings of the plant kingdom, providing cleansing, purification and detoxification, lightening our load, opening the flow of energy, and reducing the enduring impacts of past exposures. The plants help us to hit a reset button on our systems, offering longer spans of health and longevity. This process is not a quick fix, as the weak mind may desire, but through committing to the process, we can heal, and learn a tremendous amount, and as well develop new understandings of how to live in harmony with ourselves and our communities, getting to the core of our issues, and welcoming in a life of health & vibrance like we've never known before. 

"During my first ceremony, I felt three little balls rolling up my arm, as if they were rolling underneath my skin, and with them I felt a kind of release. The next day, I realized that the pain I had been holding in that arm for sometime, was completely gone, and my mobility on that side, restored. I came to the medicine for healing, and am grateful to say, healing is exactly what I have received." Tee S. 


                   Emotional & Psychological Healing

Often one's current condition spiritually, emotionally and physically can become obscured by the hectic nature of a modern and active lifestyle, surrounded by programming, agendas and illusions, requiring retreat for a person to authentically assess and address their current state. This retreat is designed to offer all participants this opportunity. Throughout life, and the vast array of experiences that each person endures, it is almost like second nature for people to suppress emotions, which when suppressed, lead to energy blockages, neurological programmings, and psychological patterns. Often from a time of hardship or trauma, we develop energetic, emotional and psychological protection mechanisms, which while may have served a good purpose at one time...once that experience is over, people often keep going through life with the same patterns, and those patterns of thought and behavior may be exactly what is holding a person back from living a life of health, joy and purpose, causing detrimental effects on relationships, self esteem, and personal empowerment. The plant medicines can help us to discover the source and nature of the patterns we may be perpetuating, and offer us a new perspective and a doorway to forgiveness, which may have been exactly what we have been needing.

"Ayahuasca has the power to teach you something about yourself that perhaps no one else can" -Pamela Lyness
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Avatar Centre Logo

                  Healing the past & Making Peace With Time

Healing and releasing the past is an essential part of the healing process. Whether a person has been abused, had a near death experience, major point of trauma, or merely experiencing the impact of a series of stressful circumstances, letting go and making peace with the past can become a great catalyst for transformation. In traditional psycho-therapies, such a goal may take years to accomplish, but when working with the Amazonian Plants, the time required in verbally expressive therapies, can be dramatically reduced, by allowing you to see a new perspective on your experiences, connecting you in with the divine all-loving force, which has the power to restore compassion even an angry or largely apathetic personality and restoring a sense of peace and calm in one's heart.

"I learned more about myself in a single ceremony with Ayahuasca, than I had in 10 yrs of traditional psychotherapy. I am just astounded." Dubravka B. 

Addressing Trauma

Trauma can manifest from many different sources, and what trauma looks like is highly dependent on a persons state of mind at the time a particular experience occurs. Whether speaking about the loss of a loved one, a near death experience, a physical/emotional/sexual abuse, the enduring of poverty, violence, the weight of addiction, or the loss of a job or ones feeling of purpose, what is determined to be a trauma is highly individual, and what a person does with that experience is also highly individual. However, there are some similarities and patterns that many people endure, who have experienced major traumatic events in their lives. Often these events have a way of causing a form of fragmentation, scattering shards of that trauma throughout a persons mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies, causing a variety of challenges to overcome. In many cases modern medicine and therapy techniques can be effective to a certain degree, but can take a long time, and leave a person feeling damaged. The beauty of working from the shamanic perspective, with the help of medicines like Ayahuasca, is that often traumas can be properly addressed and begin to be unraveled in a matter of weeks or months of intensive work rather than years, which in many cases has the ability to give a person their life back. This is not to say that this work is easy, or to give an expectation that this will happen for everyone, for sometimes to heal, a person must first be ready to do whatever it takes, and sometimes whatever it takes, means going back to the scene of the trauma, back into the holographic memory, to pick up more information about the situation from a new perspective, and retrieve the fragments of oneself. To some this sounds impossible...to others who have experienced it, just say it's indeed magical!

"The support that Brown provided, allowed me to do my own work, and the space he held, reminded me that even the work of confronting my own demons and traumas, was something sacred and even could be seen as beautiful, and a vital process in my journey to becoming the woman I want to be. The medicine helped me to see how strong I am really am." -Lilly

Foster A New Relationship With Nature

The Amazon is a haven for ancient plant medicine traditions, which can offer participants the opportunity to take greater control of their lives, their thoughts, their actions, and the overall condition of their health.  Disconnect from society to reconnect with nature and the essence of your being.  You might be surprised to find they are one and the same,  intertwined and interrelated as if enravelled in a beautiful web, sparkling with life, and winding for eternity.

Opening your Heart

One of the tragedies of modern life, is how the overuse of the logical brain seems to overshadow the use and expression of the heart. Stress, anxiety, worries about money and stability, fears, self esteem, etc...all have their own particular effect on the heart's openness and expression in the world. A closed heart often manifests in physical ways as well, not just emotional, often leading to pain, physical holding of toxins and other biological materials, a lessening in one's feeling of safety to self express through words and creativity. A closed heart will make a person less approachable by others, often people will feel uncomfortable or like they will be quickly judged, and just the same a person with a closed heart will often feel untrusting of others, and perhaps more quick to blame or judge the people around them. When looking at the prices paid for a closed heart, it is easy to see the vast benefit of learning how to open the heart. For many, this is easier said than done, and requires purification of the energy bodies, a higher understanding of the current state of one's heart, and how that state was achieved, and then the learning of practices and tools which can help a person to feel safe and protected enough to open the heart again, and keep it open and protected, so that the heart may shine through in all of a persons life and endeavors, bringing love, trust and vitality. Learning to balance the heart with the mind is perhaps one of the most important personal development lessons and practices of our time.

"Offering a gentle, caring and nurturing approach to working with his clients, Brown's work is easy to develop trust in, and can gently pry open your heart where it once was blocked, drawing with it a resurgence of love and gratitude for life." Marjorie
Hayley Murphy w/ Amazonian Boa Constrictor

Hayley Murphy w/ Amazonian Boa Constrictor

Awaken The Spirit

A connection with spirit is something that anyone can acquire, and it is something absolutely essential to the obtainment of inner peace. Awakening the spirit, awakens ones ability to connect with their higher self, with ones ancestors, and the path of ones soul. This deepening of connection is a path to grace, acceptance, higher knowledge, wisdom & purpose. The awakening of one's spirit is beautiful and seemingly magical, offering greater perspective... attracting gratitude, wisdom, and presence.


Achieve Your Highest Human Potential

The purpose of this retreat is not just for addressing physical healing, mental and emotional challenges, it is also a great way to explore and redefine one's self, providing the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the true nature of reality, peeling back the layers of the personality in search of the true core and essence of one's being.